Owners:Flyiiingpie9, Loop113( IS STRONGER),

Generals:nickpsp7,17payton17,bballa4life3,dig dumper,

Colonel:fluffy29567,dkellen,game wiz 12,gavino,7hmkd,

Major:austin10332,17 twister,

Captian:chase 482,Jamba232,

Lieutenant:dinosaur107,Agent P109,Lully 8967,

Officer:crazyfeet100,Ferris 2234,Sushi Sean,

Seargent:Nooblett567,Bidas Boy 56,Load thr,Penquinoid,

Corporal:ducktales1,Aden78618,Jayv 99,Jeff 2446,







anyways theese are your ranks if you have not been added i will by the end of the month.IF YOU MEET US IN NORTHERN LIGHTS NOW AT 6:00 CENTRAL go go go PIZZA PARLOR@!|#$^^&&


if you want to join comment and we will be on the servers northern lights and southern lights our big bases and north pole and south pole our battle grounds but on monday SCHOOLS OUT so we will be on southern lights at       

1:30 pm Pacific

2:30 pm Mountain

3:30 pm Central

4:30 pm Eastern

9:30 pm U.K.

 so meet us in the pizza parlor. See you then! :P        comment to be added!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          


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